▶The History of Steel Tiles◀

According to legend, metal tile was first used for a synagogue in Jerusalem about 970 BC.
Around the world, the Parthenon (5th century B.C) and the Cathedral of Notre Dame (12th century) were built with metal roofs. Unfortunately, the
Turkish army stored explosives in the Parthenon, so the roof no longer exists, but the beautiful pitched foof of Notre Dame remains today. European metal tile came to America by the time of independence.
In the early 20th century, zinc was added to steel to prevent corrosion.

▶The Structure of Steel Tiles◀

Fe-Roof’s steel tiles are made of several layers of special coatings on a base of galvanized steel.
We guarantee this product’s longevity.
Galvanized steel, because of its mixture of aluminum and zinc, will never rust. Because of this,
it is an ideal construction material.

Stone Coated Roofing Tile    Application: It is used for the roofing of various types of sloping roof buildings and the partial decoration of various buildings, especially for villas. Characters: l  Beautiful Appearance With natural stone texture and strong three-dimensional sense and a variety of colors and a variety of tile type, suitable for all kinds of building roof decoration and beautification.   l  Long Service Life The base is made of aluminium-zinc plate with high strength, high wear resistance and corrosion resistance, combined with acrylic resin with strong weather resistance as the adhesive, and new advanced roofing material with colorful natural gravel as the surface layer.   l  Light Weight The weight if on 1/8 of traditional ceramic tile and cement tile. Reducing the project cost, easy installation, easy transportation, energy saving and environmental protection.